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Darkglass Electronics: Top quality for bassists

Finland is home to thousands of lakes, countless heavy metal bands and Darkglass Electronics. Now, you can discover their top-quality products for bassists right here at Bax Music.

Professional effects for the ultimate tone

Darkglass Electronics belong at the top table when it comes to high-quality effects pedals, amplifiers and accessories for bassists. All of their products are made by hand in Helsinki, Finland by a passionate team of musicians and engineers. Their flagship models currently include the versatile Microtubes B7K Ultra overdrive and the new Microtubes 900 bass guitar amplifier. What's really special about these models is that they both offer the warm, dynamic sound and response of a tube amp, yet they don't have any tubes themselves. In short, Darkglass Electronics will take your tone to the next level.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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