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Darkglass Introduce Microtubes 500 and Speaker Cabinets

Finnish company Darkglass are well known for producing top-quality gear for bass guitarists. Following on from the success of the powerful Microtubes 900, they're now offering the affordable Microtubes 500 and launching their first speaker cabinets too!

Microtubes 500: Massive tone

Darkglass developed the Microtubes 900 to be an uncompromising bass guitar amp head with plenty of power and its own sound character. Now, it's introducing the Microtubes 500 which is a more compact, lighter and more affordable version of the M900. That means the M500 is a highly-versatile bass amp head with comprehensive mid controls, direct out and an FX loop. 

Darkglass speaker cabinets

As far as Darkglass is concerned, music should not only be heard but felt too. Musicians generally spend a lot more time choosing their instruments, amp heads and effects than they do their speaker cabinets. This is an essential part of your overall sound, however, which is why Darkglass have developed their own speaker cabinets that reproduce the distinctive Darkglass sound perfectly. The DG210C and DG410C cabinets are both equipped with specially-made 10-inch Eminence speakers.

Keep an eye on the product pages for the latest information on delivery times and prices.

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