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Daslight Introduces New DVC Hardware for Daslight 4

Daslight is a manufacturer of DMX software. We've actually reached Daslight 4 now, with over 15,000 fixtures, a completely new FX engine and the ability to control your entire show using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Of course, with new software also comes new hardware to translate its signals to DMX. Introducing the Daslight DVC Fun, Daslight DVC4 Gold and Daslight DVC4 GZM.

The Daslight 4 software is a complete program that allows you to create an entire light show from behind your computer or laptop. You can select and patch fixtures, and give them a virtual place on the grid. Then you can design your light show by selecting fixtures and creating scenes and chases. It's even possible to program moving light effects, control the movement of your moving heads and apply effects with the software. Additionally, Daslight 4 allows you to preview your show, so that you can get a good impression of what you've made, even before you reach the venue.

Of course, as we've mentioned before, you'll need an interface that can translate all this data into a language that your fixtures will understand: DMX. For this, you can use one of the three available DVCs. The difference between the three lies in the number of available DMX channels and the maximum number of steps per scene. Of course, these interfaces can also be used in stand-alone mode due to their built-in memory. The most elaborate interface, the DVC4 GZM even has an SD card slot, so that it offers virtually unlimited storage.

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