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Dave Smith Instruments Announces OB-6 Module

Right now, the Summer NAMM 2016 convention is happening in Nashville, Tennessee. While it's not as huge as the Winter NAMM in California or Messe in Frankfurt, it's a great place to find out what brands are up to. Take Dave Smith, for example. This experienced synthesizer specialist has just announced the launch of their new OB-6 module, which is the desktop version of the earlier-released OB-6. It's got the same possibilities and the same sound in a compact package!

Tom and Dave

Originally, the OB series was developed by Tom Oberheim. Tom and Dave Smith used to be fierce rivals, but they seem to have joined forces and put their competitive days behind them. This OB-6 is the result of a collaboration between the two synth specialists, but carries the DSI name.

OB-6 module

As mentioned before, the OB-6 module has exactly the same features to offer as the keyboard version. It's especially handy for producers who have a bit of space left over in their studios, or for stage performers who'd like to use it in combination with a different or larger keyboard. The OB-6 also features a chain function, so you can link it to another unit for a polyphony of 12 voices.

The OB-6 module will probably be on the shelves by autumn 2016. So, even though you sound-tweakers will have to wait a little longer, your patience will be rewarded!

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