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Dave Smith Instruments Announces Sequential Prophet 6 Desktop Module

This version of Dave Smith Instruments's Sequential Prophet 6 is a synth-module that is nearly identical to the Sequential Prophet 6 keyboard version, but without the actual keyboard. However, this is certainly not just some dressed-down version. Read on to find out why!

Intuitive interface

Dave Smith felt that the look and feel of the Prophet 6 synth-module is largely determined by the interface and the logic behind it. That's why they strived to design as intuitive and practical a layout as possible for it. You'll find full-size controls and all parameters right under your fingertips. The only difference in functionality between this model and the keyboard version, is the lack of scroll wheels for pitch and modulation, and a transpose feature. However, those omissions are entirely logical, as they are typical keyboard features.

Bridging the gap between vintage and modern.

Of course, the Prophet features an analogue signal path with discrete VCOs and VCFs, as well as high-quality digital effects. The MIDI in, out and thru connectors further bridge the gap between vintage '70s and the modern digital age. Finally, Dave Smith decided to add a poly chain feature, which allows you to link two Prophets together to bump the overall polyphony up from 6 voices, to 12 voices!

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.


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