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Dave Smith Instruments REV2: An Analogue Powerhouse!

Back in 2007, Dave Smith Instruments introduced the Prophet '08. This beloved synth was (and still is) extremely popular and can be heard on countless albums. Now, 10 years later, they're introducing the reincarnation of the legendary synth and it's twice as powerful as before! Meet Dave Smith Instruments REV2, a 16-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer.

Amazing analogue

At the heart of the 16-voice REV2 are 2 DCO oscillators per voice, with a suboctave on oscillator 1. Each oscillator has four waveforms, there's a hard sync and there are a number of filters, envelopes, LFOs and modulations at your disposal. There's also a step sequencer and an arpeggiator as well as plenty of connection possibilities for easily incorporating the REV2 into your current setup. Dave Smith Instruments themselves refer to the REV2 synthesizer as a true analogue powerhouse and we're not going to argue with that!

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