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DB Technologies Expands Ready 4 Series of Battery-Powered Mobile Speakers

DB Technologies have expended their range of battery-powered mobile speakers of the Ready 4 series with specific accessories for presentations, performances, conferences, or outdoor parties. The Ready 4 series is the go-to product line when there's no power available and you still need amplification. The basic Ready 4 set that's already available, with a 220W battery-powered speaker, is now available in various configurations, with different microphones, body packs, headsets, and Bluetooth modules. This way, there's a suitable Ready 4 system for any type of event.

Amplification of musicians still possible with Ready 4

The Ready 4 Fun set is especially suited for outdoor parties or venues. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module, streaming music via phone or tablet isn't a problem whatsoever. The Ready 4 Presenter is great for presentations or conferences that require a hand-held transmitter microphone. The Ready 4 Sports comes with a body pack and headset, facilitating the needs of presenters or sports instructors who like to have their hands free. For each Ready 4 system, there is a separate cover available, allowing you to properly transport the battery-powered mobile speaker and its various accessories. Thanks to the built-in 4-channel mixer, you can still use each Ready 4 set to amplify musicians. As the power of the Class D amplifier is used as efficiently as possible, its battery life is extended. As such, the Ready 4 systems can be used for seven consecutive hours without having to charge.

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