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December 2015: Interesting Bargain Bundles for Producers

What producer wouldn't love to find a bundle of studio gear under the tree this Christmas from top brands like Adam, Livid, Native Instruments, RME and IsoAcoustics?

Producer Bundles

As you probably know by now, we offer bargain bundles on most of our product pages, but the bundles we're talking about here are put together by the manufacturers themselves. This means they include products that are perfectly matched. In short, this is a deal we don't want you to miss! These bundles, like a set of studio monitors or controllers, are tailor-made for studio producers.

The choice

We've got an awesome deal (with an even better price tag) for just about every type of producer. Each bargain bundle contains high-quality products that you'll be able to use for years to come. The only tricky part is deciding which bundle to get! Don't spend too much time thinking about it though - this offer will expire at the end of December, 2015!


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