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Decksaver Launches Launchpad and Launch Control Covers for Novation

Decksaver is known for their robust, elegantly-designed protective dust covers for DJ gear, mixers and controllers. This time, it's about the new covers for the Launch Control, Launchpad Pro and Launchpad XL by Novation.

Super quality for your valuable controllers

Sometimes, an accident is just waiting to happen, and it would be just your luck if someone spilled their drink all over your brand-new controller! From now on, you won't have to worry about anything happening to your Novation controller. These covers are extremely strong and protect against scratches and dents, dust, and also liquid substances.

Launched for Launchpad

When it comes to the protection of (often) expensive gear that is used on a regular basis, Decksaver are specialists. The covers for the Launchpad series by Novation are developed with the same dependable quality we've come to expect from them.

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