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Denon DJ Launches New Gear: Has Pioneer Met its Match?

Once again, Denon DJ has managed to tantalise our senses with a mysterious video announcement. They're on the verge of launching new gear, and right now, it's anyone's guess what that might be! The video below shows the contours of what might be a controller, but it could also be a tabletop. At any rate, you can bet that Denon DJ will be the change you want to see in your set in 2017! #ChangeYourRider


The cryptic video shows what looks like the blueprint for a new controller; at least, that's what we're putting our money on. In those 12 short seconds, we see images that resemble a large jogwheel, performance pads, and lots of buttons. Clearly, this is the brand's way of waging war against Pioneer; Denon is fighting for the top spot as the new club standard. One thing is certain: whatever they have in store will be revealed in 2017. The acquisition of Rane by parent concern InMusic, which Denon is also part of, is likely to contribute greatly to the success of this new device, whatever it is!

What do you think Denon will be launching?

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