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Devine PRO 4000 Headphones: Ready For Anything!

Devine's new PRO 4000 headphones are ready for anything. Whether you're in the studio, DJing at the club or just kicking back and listening to music, these affordable headphones can do it all!

For audio professionals, DJs and music lovers

Naturally, headphones as versatile as these must have impressive technical specifications and a few accessories wouldn't go amiss either. The PRO 4000 headphones have a wide frequency response and 40 mm drivers making them perfect for use in the studio. With a nominal impedance of just 32 ohms, they are also suitable for to listening to music via your mobile device. They come with a straight 3m-long cable as well as a 1.6m-long coiled cable and a robust hardcase to keep them in. There's also a jack adapter so that you can easily use them with professional equipment.

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