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Direct Your Own Movies or TV Shows with the V-1HD

Create professional-looking videos with the Roland V-1HD video switcher. The V-1HD is a compact version of the type of control panels used in professional film and television studios. It supports all of today's most common devices, so that you can create the best video possible using various sources.

Live or post-production

With four HDMI inputs for video and sound signals, the V-1HD video switcher from Roland is very versatile. With the V-1HD you could create a professional-quality movie using just a smartphone or a camera. You can also easily edit images. A built-in 12-channel audio mixer allows you to add your own audio or music too, via the RCA or microphone inputs. Whether you want to use it for live footage or to create a film from footage you've already recorded, the V-1HD is a great choice.

Roland V-1HD video switcher: sharp images

HD images of 720p, 1080i and 1080p are supported, so you are always assured of the best picture quality. If you use a preview screen, this will also be shown in 1080i or 1080p, so you'll have a clear image of the footage that is available to you. Editing footage is easy, thanks to the clear layout of the buttons and lever. Functions like picture in picture, split view and even 'green screen' are all possible with the V-1HD. If your audio and picture don't quite match up, you can use the audio's delay function to synchronise the signals. More advanced functions will soon be available using the V-1HD's RCS application for PC, MAC and iPad.

For more information on the V-1HD, take a look at the product page.

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