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DJs Beware! Don't Upgrade to iTunes 12.2

Right now, our customer service department is receiving tons of e-mails about iTunes 12.2, from people who are experiencing a lot of trouble with Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox. We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to iTunes 12.2, as this may cause havoc in your music library, changing artwork or deleting it altogether, and muddling up tags and metadata. To make matters worse, if you choose to sync your local collection via iTunes, your tracks are converted into Apple Music files, which are protected by DRM. That's your own music we're talking about!

The problem

Many DJs use iTunes as a tool to organise and categorise their music collection. However, the recently released Apple Music has thrown a spanner in the works. iTunes offers a wide range of new features, and isn't so much a music management system anymore, as a full-blown download store with videos, podcasts, radio, cloud facilities and streaming services. The new features and integration with Apple Music are clearly causing problems, which we hope will soon be solved.

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