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Dunlop & MXR Present Five New Jimi Hendrix Effects Pedals

Dunlop & MXR present no fewer than five new effects pedals in honour of one of the world's most legendary electric guitarists, Jimi Hendrix. As well as three new Fuzz pedals, there's a Cry Baby Mini and a Univibe too. Each pedal is a limited edition, so don't delay if you want one!

Wah and wash

For fans of Jimi's characteristic wah sound, the JHM9 Cry Baby Mini Wah is a sure-fire winner. It may be just half the size of a larger model, but all the sounds are there. What's more, it'll be much easier to find a space for it on your pedal board. The characteristic 'wash' sound from Jimi's live album Band of Gypsys can be yours too, thanks to the JHM7 Univibe Chorus Vibrato that gives you lush Leslie-like sounds.

Fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz!

As well as wah and modulation, Hendrix was also known for his wide range of fuzz sounds. In order to cover those adequately, MXR has come up with three different fuzz pedals. For no-nonsense fuzz that's comparable to the Dallas Arbiter, there's the JHM5 Fuzz Face. The sound from Hendrix's famous 'cheese wedge' pedal can be found in the form of the JHM6 Octavio Fuzz. Finally, the rough fuzz sound that was heard on Band of Gypsys is reproduced here by the JHM8 Gypsy Fuzz. If you're the ultimate Hendrix fan, all of these models will help you get a little closer to the legendary guitarists range of sounds.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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