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Dutch DJs: 300 Interviews with Famous DJs and Professionals

Anthony Donner offers an exclusive look behind the scenes in his book, ”Dutch DJs”. This book has 300 interviews with the most well-known Dutch DJs and dance-industry professionals. 200 DJs from four different generations who focus on more than 40 different dance styles talk about their keys to success, how they push their limits and how they've managed to stay on top.

The history of Dutch dance music

Dutch DJs is a comprehensive hardcover book with 452 pages of interviews with famous DJs and professionals from the dance music industry. DJs, radio jdisc jockeys, producers, product specialists—they're all right here in jthis book! The interviews are accompanied by gorgeous fulll-colour photos that truly pop out of each glossy page. This book is a perfect gift for fans of the dance music genre and (up-and-coming) DJs who are sure to find inspiration in the anecdotes of these professionals.

Want to know more about Dutch DJs? Have a look at the product page below. We expect to have this book in stock soon, but act quick if you want a copy, as there is only a limited supply availble!

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