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EarthQuaker Devices Introduces Two New Effects Pedals

EarthQuaker Devices released two new stomp boxes: the Interstellar Orbiter and the Levitation reverb. They're a dual resonance filter and a highly versatile vintage reverb that are anything but ordinary.

EarthQuaker Devices Interstellar Orbiter: sounds from way out there

The Interstellar Orbiter is an effects pedal that is not so easy to pigeonhole. This wondrous little pedal offers a wide range of effects, from wahs to rotary sounds. Two separate filter channels give you control over intensity, resonance and the balance between the dry signal and the effects signal. There's an option to connect two expression pedals to the Interstellar Orbiter, allowing you to influence Frequency and Rate with your feet. As this pedal is incredibly versatile, we recommend checking out the video below to get a good idea of what it does and how it works. Let the sound speak for itself.

Levitation reverb: vintage slapbacks and space echoes

If you're looking for the ideal spacerock reverb, you might want to check out the Earthquaker Devices Levitation Reverb stomp box. With it, you'll have access to room, spring and plate reverb - all the classics - and you can expect a vintage tone that sounds like a reverb effect from the '60s, providing an authentic homage. Using the four simple control knobs, you can adjust atmosphere, decay, mix and tone. What's more, the foot switch is silent, so there's no audible click when you engage the effect. From slapbacks to ambi-verbs, this pedal does it all.

Both pedals are powered using either a 9V power supply or battery.

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