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Electro Harmonix Goes Mello

It's safe to say that Electro Harmonix has struck gold with their idea to capture the sound of legendary keyboard instruments in a compact pedal. The EHX B9, C9 en K9 have already been released, and now it's time for the Mel9 Tape Replay Machine. With one press of the button, you'll change your instrument into a Mellotron, with no fewer than 9 legendary sounds at your disposal.

Broaden your musical horizons

From the Beatles to Bowie and from space rock to symphonic rock, the Mellotron played a vital part in many classic songs. It used magnetic tape that had an audio fragment on it, which was played when you pressed the corresponding key. While the technology eventually became outdated, many have tried to recapture the Mellotron's ethereal brand of magic again. Now, luckily, there's the Electro Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay machine, which captures 8 legendary 'Tron sounds in a compact pedal. It's suited for guitar, keys and bass, without the need for extra parts or controllers. Don't let its modest size fool you, either, as the Mel9 will broaden your musical horizons using sounds that go beyond what you had imagined. If you're still not convinced, you might want to check out the video below for a better overview of what this pedal can do.

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