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Elektron Analog Drive Effects Pedal: Eight Types of Distortion

Elektron introduce the Analog Drive, a fully-analogue effects pedal that is equipped with eight analogue distortion circuits for eight different types of distortion! It's not only for electric guitars however, this pedal is also suitable for use with (monophonic) synthesizers.


There are few things better than analogue effects, however, digital features can be handy. That's why it's possible to save the sounds you've created using the controls on the Elektron Analog Drive to one of the 100 preset slots for easy recall whenever you need them. The pedal is equipped with a MIDI input and output so that you can connect it to other MIDI devices and there are also two inputs that let you connect optional expression pedals. If you play electric guitar or a (monophonic) synthesizer, let the top-quality Elektron Analog Drive take care of all the distortion you'll ever need.

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