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Elektron Analog Keys Now With a Temporary Discount

Have you always wanted a synth with great sound and plenty of possibilities? Then Swedish company Elektron has just what you're looking for with the Analog Keys, and it's even available at a temporary discount!

Analogue synthesizer with temporary discount

Analogue synthesis fans will find plenty to like in the powerful Elektron Analog Keys. This admirable instrument is an absolute joy to play, and with its fantastic sound, it's just as great to listen to. If you're thinking of ordering one for yourself, be sure to do so before April 30th, 2016, so you can enjoy a 10% discount by adding the discount code 'keys' to your order! Be sure to check out the relevant product page for all of this synths ins and outs, and find out just what a great deal this is! Great sound with plenty of possibilities – what more could you want?

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