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Elektron announces Overbridge

Hardware and software have been best buddies since the eighties, when we used Ataris to control synthesizers. Nowadays, the friendship has grown much more intimate. DAW is all the rage, and with Overbridge, Swedish brand Elektron takes a huge step forward.

We're talking about the Analog series: the Analog Rytm, Analog Keys en Analog Four. For these machines there's Overbridge, a software package that is the perfect link between machine and method via USB. The first iteration supports Ableton Live, but Elektron's supposedly working hard to make it compatible with other hosts as well. The Ableton Live edition - Overbridge 1.0 - is available for OSX and Windows as a VST plugin. For other hosts, there's a beta version that you can already sign up for. Please note: beta versions have been known to contain bugs, so give it a go, but don't use it for important projects just yet.

The Analog Rytm, Keys and Four are popular products over here at Bax-shop, and they are definitely worth a look. What's more, Overbridge now offers seamless DAW integration. What more could you want?

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