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Elektron Reveal Octatrack MKII

Elektron's Octatrack MKII is the latest version of the highly popular sequencer, sampler and drum computer in one. The Swedish company has improved upon the original by enhancing and modifying a number of features which make it even easier to use.

In the club

Playing in dark clubs can be difficult, which is why Elektron have equipped the Octatrack 2 with backlit buttons so that you can easily see what you're doing, what is activated and what isn't. The display has been upgraded too and is now a crisp 128 × 64 OLED screen. You'll still find plenty of connection possibilities on board including MIDI and four balanced audio jack inputs.

Nice n' easy

Creating beats, making samples and sequencing is all a piece of cake with the Octatrack MKII. If you already have projects and data you've made on the MKI, it's easy to transfer everything to the new model. Here, you can trigger eight audio tracks and eight MIDI tracks and easily switch between the A and B channels using the silky-smooth performance crossfader, all without an ounce of pain. Take a look at the product page for more information.

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