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ENGL and Marty Friedman Ignite an INFERNO!

Marty Friedman is a guitarist who is known around the world for his virtuoso playing technique. This super guitarist who played in Megadeth is not afraid to push the boundaries and pave his own musical path. The same goes for his unique sound. Thanks to the ENGL E766 INFERNO, you can attempt to wield his signature sound yourself!

INFERNO: Feel the burn!

The ENGL E766 INFERNO is the result of two long years of development. While recording his album 'Inferno', Marty Friedman used various ENGL amps, including the Special Edition, Powerball, Invader and the Steve Morse Signature. The ENGL team then worked out exactly which parts of these amps he actually used, and combined them into one brutal tube amp with two channels, a comprehensive EQ, and extra switches for even more sound variation. In short, with the ENGL Marty Friedman INFERNO Signature 100, you can get closer to Marty's sound than ever before! Be careful you don't burn your fingers though!

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