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ENGL Doubles the Power of the Master Series

The first ENGL MetalMaster and RockMaster 20 amplifiers enjoyed great popularity, thought they didn't quite quench guitarists' thirst for even more power. Once the ENGL technician's caught wind of the requests, they were only too happy to comply, and have recently released their response in the form of the 40W MetalMaster and RockMaster. You can get either model as an amp head or a combo.

RockMaster 40 Head and Combo

The RockMaster 20 was already offered plenty of that beloved classic rock sound, and now you can get even more of it with the RockMaster 40. The biggest difference is of course the doubled power, which means that the amps can handle medium-sized stages without breaking a sweat. You'll find that features such as Power Soak and Speaker Emulated Out are back for round two, making the RockMaster 40 a great choice for home/studio use as well. The clean channel offers the kind of sparkling cleans you would expect from an EL84 amplifier, and if you turn up the gain you'll get plenty of drive. You'll get a nice crunchy sound with the lowest gain setting, and when you crank it up you'll get heavy drive bordering on distortion. Two features that are unique to the RockMaster are the mid-boost and master volume-boost, which have been designed specifically for (classic) rock. Available as a head or a combo version.

MetalMaster 40 Head and Combo

Even though the MetalMaster 40 features the same tube configuration as the RockMaster and both models are equipped with a Celestion Super '65 speaker, these amps produce extraordinarily different sounds. Make no mistake, the MetalMaster was designed to be used for heavy music genres. The clean channels are pretty similar to one another, but the gain on the MetalMaster starts out with a high gain overdrive on even the lowest setting, and goes all the way up to full-on distortion. Instead of a mid-boost, the MetalMaster is equipped with a mid-scoop control for that modern metal sound. Just like the RockMaster, the MetalMaster also has a Power Soak function, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. In short, whether you choose the head or the combo, the ENGL MetalMaster 40 is one versatile beast of an amp!
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