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ENGL Goes Classic Rock

Achtung achtung! The geniuses at the German ENGL company have developed the ultimate amp head for classic rock enthusiasts: the E653 Artist Edition 50 Vintage Style, a 50W tube amp head with 2 channels. This amp offers a wide range of different sounds, from an edgy clean to high gain overdrive and everything in between. For the ultimate combination, ENGL also offers the matching E412AE Pro Artist Edition 4x12 Neo Creamback Slanted speaker cabinet, which is remarkably lightweight and features Celestion Neo Creamback speakers. German top quality for classic rock lovers, by ENGL!

Best of both worlds

Vintage sound with the best of modern technology. The ENGL E653 Artist Edition 50 Vintage Style is an easy-to-use amplifier that has all of the modern comfort we've come to expect. This 50W tube head is equipped with two EL84 power amp tubes, which produce a highly distinctive sound that is best described as bell-like. What's more, with their relatively modest power, they're easy to overdrive, giving you a rich tube sound much sooner. Besides the famous gain, volume and EQ controls, this amp also has bright, shape and gain knobs to help you fine-tune your sound to suit your preferences. There's also an effects loop that can be used both parallel and in series, so that you can hook up all your favourite effects pedals. Of course, you'll want your guitar signal to be as clean as possible, without any unwanted noise or feedback. To achieve this, the E653 has a built-in noise gate with a threshold knob on the back. For now, it seems that the ENGL E653 amp head will be available in mid-August, though that date is not final.

Full dispersion and SPL: no back pain

The matching ENGL E412AE Pro Artist Edition 4x12 Neo Creamback Slanted cabinet also offers you the best of two worlds. It has four 12" Celestion Neo Creamback speakers. Where normal Creambacks feature a ceramic magnet, the Neo Creamback has a neodymium magnet. This means it weighs about half what the regular Creamback weighs. As such, you'll get the classic Creamback sound, but the cabinet is still remarkably lightweight. With the ENGL E412AE, you'll never again have an excuse to leave your speaker cabinet at home. The E412AE, too, will be available in mid-August.

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