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ENGL Reveals Innovative Secret Pedal Board

Any guitarist that has set up their own pedal board knows that it tends to get a bit messy with all the cables. Well that's a thing of the past now, thanks to ENGL's innovative Secret Connecting System.

'I'm loving ENGLs instead'

Over the years, there have been many different kinds of pedal boards, each with their own designs and intended applications. In 2012, the Russian Yerasov developed a whole new system. Now, in collaboration with ENGL, they've perfected their revolutionary system, resulting in the Secret Connecting System. With these pedal boards, you won't need to use patch cables between your pedals, and powering them has also been simplified. When you connect one pedal to the power supply, every other pedal is also powered. In short, the ENGL Secret Pedal Boards are highly practical, and they also offer a neat look.

'On the Backs of ENGLs'

The ENGL Secret Pedal Board is available in two versions: the PB-4 for four pedals, and the PB-6 for six pedals. At this time, only recently released ENGL effects pedals are compatible with the Secret Connecting System, because they can be connected to the board with a single screw. Using a special connector, the pedals are hooked up to the system that connects them all together. Of course, as we've come to expect from the German company, this product is yet another piece of innovative technology that guitarists all over the world will benefit from.

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