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Ernie Ball Paradigm: Unparalleled Lifespan

With their Paradigm strings, Ernie Ball raises the bar when it comes to guitar string quality and lifespan. These are stronger and longer-lasting than ever before, without sounding any less fantastic!

Advanced guitar strings

Ernie Ball claims these new Paradigm strings are the most unbreakable strings in the world. Their well-known Slinky tone and feel is combined with an impressively long lifespan. The Paradigm range consists of electric guitar strings in nine gauges. For acoustic guitarists, they offer four 80/20 Bronze sets and four Phosphor Bronze sets. While nothing has been officially announced yet, Ernie Ball has hinted that bass guitar strings are soon to follow!

Paradigm strength

A number of respected guitarists including Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci have already tried to break the Paradigm strings without any luck. They are made using an innovative plasma process which stabilises the micro structure of each string, ensuring an unparalleled long lifespan. This in combination with the Everlast Nano treatment, gives the strings high resistance to corrosion and dirt build-up as well.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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