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ESP LTD Expands Thinline Series with Zebrawood Models

The Thinline Series from ESP LTD now has two striking new models. Both have an eye-catching finish thanks to their zebrawood tops.

Comfortable electro-acoustic instruments

The Thinline Series from ESP LTD differentiates itself from the competition by offering instruments with a comfortable body. The body is based on the Eclipse shape that is thin and lightweight. Both the TL-6Z electro-acoustic steel-string guitar and the TL-4Z bass are made of mahogany and have a stunning zebrawood top. As well as a unique appearance, the wood types used give both models a warm, rich sound. They are fitted with Fishman electronics for an amplified sound that is accurate and won't suffer from unwanted feedback. Components including a string nut from GraphTech NuBone and tuners from Grover take the ESP LTD Thinline series to the next level.

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