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ESP LTD presents 8 new Deluxe guitar models

At the Summer NAMM in Nashville, ESP LTD was proud to present eight new solid-body electric guitars - three variants of the SN-1000FR, three variants of the SN-1000W, and two Deluxe models. This means that rock and metal guitarists have a lot to choose from when it comes to affordable yet high-quality guitars. These guitars offer the best pickups and hardware to meet the demands of any string plucker.

For extreme dive bombs

First, we have the SN-1000FR guitars with a stable Floyd Rose tremolo for extreme dive bombs and a stable tuning. The SN-1000FR/FM/Maple Aqua Marine variant features three active EMG pickups and a flamed maple fretboard, among other things. The SN-1000FR/FM/Rosewood Copper Sunburst variant has the same HSS configuration, but is fitted with a rosewood fretboard instead. You can also find a rosewood fretboard on the SN-1000FR/Rosewood Charcoal Metallic variant, with the difference that this guitar has Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers to provide you with a highly versatile sound palette.

Traditional guitar playing

Are you a more traditional rock guitarist? You might be interested in the SN-1000W solid-body guitars with a Wilkinson VSVG vintage tremolo. The SN-1000W Rosewood Charcoal Metallic variant offers a maple fretboard with two single coils and one humbucker by Seymour Duncan. The SN-1000W/Maple/Pearl White features the same HSS configuration but has a fretboard that's made of cream-coloured rosewood. The classy SN-1000W Maple Tobacco Sunburst offers you three Fishman Fluence pickups for a double dose of single-coil sounds.

Luxurious and exotic

Are you a fan of guitars made of exotic wood that sport a natural look? Then treat yourself to the EC-1000K and the M-1000K guitars. Both electric Deluxe guitars have a top made of koa wood, which offers incredibly stylish looks but also firm, well-defined guitar sounds that are rich in sustain. The Eclipse guitar is fitted with Seymour Duncan humbuckers while the M-model features two Dimarzio humbuckers.

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