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Even More Guitar Amps by DV Mark!

In addition to the recent MULTIAMP announcement, we have a number of other guitar amplifiers by Italian brand DV Mark here at Bax Music. If you're familiar with Markbass, then you'll know just how compact their bass amplifiers are and that's becoming a real hallmark.

What's your style?

While DV Mark's amplifiers are compact, they still cater to a wide range of musicians. If you're looking for a compact amp head that you can take anywhere, the DV MICRO 50 is perfect. If you're into metal or jazz, then the DV LITTLE 250 M and the DV LITTLE JAZZ should be right up your street. For those who already own an amp head and are looking for a speaker cabinet to go with it, what about the DV NEOCLASSIC 212? No matter what genre of music you play, DV Mark has a compact option for you.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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