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Even More Options with Traktor Pro 2 Update

It was great news to find out that Pioneer now supports Traktor Pro 2. But with their 2.11 update, Native Instruments offers even more options for avid Traktor users, and gives Ableton and the step sequencer a more prominent role. Read all about it here!

Everything connected

With the Traktor Pro 2 update by Native Instruments, connecting various devices to your DJ setup is a piece of cake. Thanks to Ableton Link, you can enjoy seamless integration with another DJ who works with Traktor using the built-in BPM clock. This is also the case with other devices. You can playback a loop you created in Ableton with your laptop, for instance, or make a cool melody line with your iPad. All you need is the Link function. Your set has never been this interactive!

Creating beats

If you want to enrich your tracks even more, this Traktor update offers the way to do that. With it, you'll have a step sequencer at your disposal so you can create beats from scratch using a set of pre-determined samples. Naturally, Native’s own controllers have been specially designed to facilitate this functionality; specifically, the Kontrol S8, D2 and F1. DIYers with a MIDI controller can also set this up themselves, however. Be sure to watch the video below to see how it works.

The update is available for download via the NI Service Centre under ‘Updates’.

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