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Eventide H9 - New Overdrive Algorithms

Eventide, who doesn't know them? They've been a major force in effects equipment for many years now. The H9 series is a line of stomp boxes that is very popular, especially amongst guitarists. And it's for this group that Eventide has something special up their sleeve!

The latest downloadable update includes the CrushStation algorithm. With a name like that, you'll hardly be surprised to learn that it specialises in overdrive and distortion - ranging from a subtle bluesy crunch to extreme metal mayhem. And if you're worried about the quality of these effects, don't be! Because while it is indeed a digital algorithm, it does say Eventide on the housing, and Eventide is an excellent high-end brand, the cream of the crop, so to speak. Many professional studios all over the world have Eventide effects processors mounted in their racks - and for good reason!

You can download the CrushStation update from the Eventide website, and it's suited for the H9 Harmonizer, H9 Core and H9 Max.


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