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Exclusive ESP LTD EC-1000FM Guitars at Bax Music

Originally they were destined for the USA only, but two special EC-1000 guitar models by ESP LTD have found their way to Bax Music! Both have a flamed maple top and a stable Evertune F model bridge. Following on from the tasteful See Through Black version, these models come in classic Lemon Drop and Vintage Honey Burst finishes.

Always in tune

The EC-1000 is the most popular electric guitar ESP's subsidiary LTD make. In terms of their appearance, their tuning stability and the sound, these exclusive new models have a number of upgrades. The first thing you're sure to notice is the beautiful maple top underneath the transparent lacquer. If the chromed Evertune bridge hasn't caught your eye before you start playing, you'll be pleasantly surprised because you'll find that the guitar is already in tune thanks to the internal spring mechanism. If you set the bridge to zone 3, you'll be able to play the guitar as hard as you like with every note being perfectly in tune. In zone 2, you'll still be able to add vibrato effects and bend notes. Finally, these guitars are equipped with Seymour Duncan humbuckers for a versatile sound. There's a JB at the bridge and a Jazz at the neck.

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