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Experience the Glorious Guild Guitars Revival!

At the Winter NAMM, Guild will be presenting some revamped versions of their beloved vintage guitars, including electric solid-bodies, acoustic and electro-acoustic models.

For electric off-set connoisseurs

Following the S-200 T-Bird guitars with their Tremar tremolo tailpiece, Guild have also added a fixed tailpiece to some of their Strat-style models. The Vintage White version features two Little Buckers and the Pelham Blue model has a set of P90 pickups. Are you a true connoisseur of unique electric guitars? Then you're sure to appreciate the interesting visual and tonal treats this legendary brand have to offer!

Delicious Dreadnoughts and Concerts

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Guild have some particularly tasty models to show off in Anaheim. For starters, there's the D-55 in Antique Sunburst and Natural, as well as a version with a piëzo pickup, also available in those finishes. The Troubadour series, which singer-songwriters are particularly fond of, is making its comeback with the M-240E Vintage Sunburst, the M-140E and the M-140. All Troubadour steel-string models are especially popular due to their lightweight bodies and practical sizes.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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