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Expressive E Touché CV/MIDI Controller: New at Bax Music!

We're proud to announce Expressive E, a relatively new name we're happy to add to our ever-growing collection of high-quality brands. They've just released the revolutionary Touché, and we can't wait to tell you about it!

Controller for hardware and software synths

The Touché is both a CV as well as a MIDI controller, which means you can use it in combination with your beloved analogue synth as well as with your favourite soft synth in your DAW. The Touché is powered by means of the included USB cable and can also function in standalone mode.

Wooden 'skin' surface: expressive and accurate

What makes the Touché truly remarkable is its wooden touch-sensitive controller surface. With it, you can perform all kinds of controller functions in real time. There are coloured LEDs for visual feedback so you know which function is activated at any given moment. The Touché works closely with Lié software, which makes editing a piece of cake and also acts as a host within your DAW. You can download Lié from the Expressive E website.

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