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Extreme Tweaking with Cubase 8.5

Recording software just keeps getting better. Steinberg has proven that once again with their latest Cubase Pro 8.5 and Artist 8.5 versions. Naturally, all functions of the previous versions have been included and in some cases, greatly improved upon, like Chord Pads and Drum and Key Editors, for example. This makes the search for the perfect sound even easier, and thanks to Transit and Connect, more social too!

Enormous possibilities, microscopic adjustments

Let's start with Steinberg's most recent version, the aptly named Pro 8.5. With more than 3,000 sounds and eight virtual instruments at your disposal, you can apply no fewer than 90 effects processors. If you're not completely happy with how a recording turned out, use the editor to zoom in and adjust any part, note for note. A great addition to this software is the social aspect. Thanks to VST Transit and Connect, you can save projects to the cloud and retrieve them no matter where you are, and have others contribute without even being physically in the same room.

Cubase Artist 8.5: for the sceptic

Pro 8.5 is especially designed for advanced studio technicians. For musicians and producers with slightly less recording experience under their belts, there is also Cubase Artist 8.5. Although its possibilities are more limited, it still offers all you need for mixing, mastering, arranging and composing. Most importantly, you're guaranteed high-quality recordings (192 kHz, 32-bit floating point, also with Pro), which means you can gear your workplace towards perfecting details and focus purely on the music.

Keep an eye on both product pages for the latest information, prices and delivery times.

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