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Fender Branches Out with T-Bucket and Paramount Acoustics!

Fender's design philosophy is a lot like that of Porsche's. They have a few iconic models that don't change a lot over the years, but become more and more refined with each new generation.

T-Bucket: visual beauty

Fender gave these new T-Bucket models a substantial yet subtle makeover. What's immediately noticeable is the new design of the headstock and the simplified rosette. Less synthetic materials = more elegance. The improved inlay work on the rosewood fretboard adds the finishing touches to the stylish appearance of this guitar. All the models in this series feature a flamed maple top which, in combination with all these classy details, makes the Fender T-Bucket a real eye-catcher.

Paramount All Mahogany: rich sound

The Fender Paramount Series is getting a new addition; namely, the PM-1 Standard Dreadnought All Mahogany. As the name suggests, this acoustic guitar is indeed constructed from solid mahogany, which is what gives it its rich, warm sound. The tonal character comes through clearly thanks to the open-pore finish that also accentuates the natural colour of the mahogany. Last but not least, this top-notch Fender comes complete with a luxurious case.

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