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Fender Introduces the American Professional Series

Fender strives to create the best instruments in the world for their customers. In order to do so, creativity as well as craftsmanship are of the utmost importance. Music is constantly evolving thanks to artists who are continually pushing the boundaries and Fender plays a role in this by giving them the top-quality instruments they need to do this. With the introduction of the American Professional series, Fender begins another new chapter in its rich history.

Improved playability

The American Professional series is the successor to the acclaimed American Standard series. A number of changes have been made to improve the tone and the playability. While many brands are opting for thinner, flatter necks these days, Fender is using a new Deep C neck profile that fits more naturally in the hand. They've also gone with narrow, tall frets that enhance the playing experience further still.

Better sound

One of the most important parts of any electric guitar is its pickups. Fender developed the V-Mod single-coil pickup especially for this series. Different types of Alnico magnets are used to deliver a higher output as well as that unmistakable Fender sound with its vintage warmth and brightness. In addition, each pickup has been specially voiced for its position on the instrument to ensure that all of the nuances in your playing are picked up better than ever. There's also a Treble Bleed circuit which means that the high tones are retained even when the volume is turned down.

New models

In addition to its best-known models like the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision bass and Jazz bass, the American Professional series has other models among its assortment. For fans of offset guitars there's the Jazzmaster and Jaguar models. Both of these guitars are known for their comfort, their unique feel and their versatile sounds. There's also the new Tele Deluxe that's equipped with two Shawbuckers and a fixed bridge with six steel saddles. No matter what model you choose, each comes with its own Elite Molded guitar case.

More colours

Fender have always offered their instruments in a wide range of colours and the models in the American Pro series are no exception. In addition to standard colours like Black, Olympic White and 3-Color Sunburst, there's Sonic Grey, Antique Olive and Mystic Seafoam. The Telecaster even has a model in Butterscotch Blonde. No matter what colour or model you prefer, you're sure to find the right instrument among Fender's stunning new American Professional series.

For a complete overview of the new models, take a look below.
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