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Fender Introduces Their Very First Series of In-Ear Monitors

Ever since Fender sold their very first guitar in 1946, the company has focused purely on guitars, amplifiers and the like. As providers of some of the best on-stage audio products on the market, in-ear monitors are not too far from Fender's area of expertise, but are a surprise nonetheless. Fender didn't create the DXA1, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6 and FXA7 from scratch though. Instead, Fender bought Aurisonics, a company that specialises in headphones and is revered by audio lovers around the world. This series of in-ear headphones is pure quality; the result of years of experience and research.

Although you may be sceptical about Fender developing a product they have no previous experience with, most professional musicians and audio fanatics are sure to be thrilled when they hear that they have borrowed Aurisonics' expertise for these in-ears. Aurisonics' in-ear monitors, a.k.a. IEMs, are sought-after due to their tried-and-tested patented technology, their detailed audio reproduction on stage, and special 3D-printed earphones. Fender was ecstatic about utilising the so-called 'Digital Hybrid Technology' which is a process in which thousands of ears were scanned in order to find the perfect fit.

Not all musicians are convinced of the benefits of in-ear monitors, and feel that floor monitors on stage are sufficient for hearing themselves and the rest of the band. It's a fact, though, that floor monitors on a stage in a noisy venue simply can't compare to the details and crystal-clear audio reproduction of these in-ears. These Fender in-ear monitors have a wide frequency response, durable drivers, impressive sensitivity and are equipped with silver-plated oxygen-free cables for minimum interference. With such low impedance, these in-ears are ideal off-stage as well for listening to music via your MP3 player or smartphone.

Treat yourself to a pure, balanced audio experience on-stage and off! Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date info on prices and delivery times.

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