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Fender Introduces Upgraded Mandolins!

Fender recently announced a number of new mandolins: the Concert Tone Mando Pack , Concert Tone FM52E , Concert Tone FM53S , Concert Tone FM63S and the Concert Tone FM63SE . The 53 series features the well-known classic teardrop shape, while the 63 series consists of gorgeous Baroque style mandolins. Furthermore, the E at the end of certain type numbers stands for 'electric', which means that besides the fully acoustic models, there are also electrical models available.

Fender introduces their new upgraded FM series of mandolins!

Each mandolin received a pretty serious upgrade, complete with some new features. Throughout the entire range, Fender improved the instruments' construction, and this resulted in much higher quality, right out of the box!

Properly set up and sounding great, straight out of the Fender Shop!

For starters, the upgrade means that these mandolins have an arched top made of solid spruce, and that the asymmetrical tone bars have been redesigned, resulting in superior projection and a more complex tonal palette. All in all, those technical improvements simply mean that you'll be getting your hands on a great-sounding mandolin that has been properly set up straight out of the Fender shop! With the Concert Tone Mando Pack, you can get right to work! Besides the mandolin itself, this pack includes a gig bag, a shoulder strap, a set of picks, a tuner, instruction materials and a set of strings!

These mandolins are available immediately, except for the FM63SE, which will be available from mid-October.


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