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Fender Japan Introduces Special Edition Telecaster and Mustang Models

Fender Japan is sugoi! The new Limited Edition Telecaster and Mustangmodels are super "kakkoii", and will look great in your collection. Playing these high-quality guitars is a true delight, and they're sure to please long-time Fender aficionados!

Versatile sound, traditional look

The Fender Japan '52 Telecaster combines a traditional look with a modern sound. Its mix of a Vintage-Style Single-Coil pickup at the bridge and a humbucker at the neck gives this Tele a highly versatile character. From the typical Telecaster twang to warm cleans and sultry leads, this Japanese Fender won't let you down!
If you prefer a more traditional Telecaster, though, Fender Japan also offers the Special Edition '62 Bound Telecaster with an alder body. Its Vintage-Style Single-Coil pickups will give you that famous Telecaster sound, while the string-through-body bridge with three saddles allows for excellent resonance and just the right look! Its luxurious appeal is further reinforced by the double body binding. Can you feel the earth shake? Then there might be a '62 Telecaster with a Bigsby nearby! This tremolo system doesn't just give your Tele a great, special look, but it also allows you to add vibrato effects to your playing.
With the '66 Telecaster Fender delivered a combination between the '52 and '62. That's because This Japanese Fender has the alder body with humbucker, but also the double body binding. This Special Edition also features a maple fretboard, which gives you a bit more bite in the higher tonal regions. With this Telecaster, Fender Japan created a high-quality guitar with a fresh look and a wide palette of sounds.

Familiar feeling, new look

Fender Japan also catered to fans of offset guitars with the Competition Mustang. This Limited Edition model is available in three colours: Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue and Fiesta Red. Eye-catching features are the headstock, which received the same finish, and of course the Competition Stripes on the body. This thoroughbred certainly lives up to its forefathers' legacy, as its specs are everything you would expect from a true Fender Mustang. Its short scale length, narrow string nut and convex radius immediately give you that familiar feeling that distinguished the Mustang from the rest of the Fender family!
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