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Fender Presents Four '57 Custom Tube Amps!

Fender presents four new '57 Custom hand-wired tube amp combos: the Champ, Deluxe, Twin Amp and Pro-Amp.

These amps offer the authentic, vintage tube sound with the dependability of a brand-new speaker!

Each Fender Custom '57 Custom amplifier is soldered by hand according to the classic Fender blueprint for the ultimate tube sound. The first amp in the series is the Fender '57 Custom Champ with 5 watts of power and an 8-inch speaker. It's easy to operate and boasts a distinctive design and sound. In no time, it can produce an overdrive with plenty of compression and dynamics. If the Champ is too small for you, there's also the Fender '57 Custom Deluxe. As far as sound is concerned, it sounds a lot like the Champ, but boasts 12 watts of power and a 12-inch speaker, ensuring your sound cuts through the mix while jamming with your band, for instance. Volume and tone are controlled separately, so you can really tweak your sound to perfection.

A little bit more

If you're in the market for an amp with even more power or a 3-band EQ, then the Fender '57 Custom Twin Amp or the '57 Custom Pro-Amp might just fit the bill. The Twin has a power capacity of 40 watts and 12-inch speakers that will flood any venue with your sparkling guitar sound. For more experimental guitarists, there's the Pro, which features a 15-inch speaker and 26 watts of sound that's crystal-clear and emphasises the low tones. To complete the vintage look, each of these four models come with a matching yellow-beige protective cover.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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