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Fender Reveal New Japan Exclusive Models

Fender are taking you back in time once again with the release of six new models from the Japan Exclusive Series. These top-quality instruments are normally only available in Japan, but Bax-shop has managed to get its hands on a limited number of them.

Top-quality at a reasonable price

The Japanese saying "a frog in a well knows nothing of the sea" could be used when it comes to what people know about Fender. While most people know about its American models, much fewer are aware of the models it produces in the land of the rising sun. Fender guitars from the Japan Exclusive Series are designed and manufactured with great attention to detail. You can see, feel and hear this the moment you pick one of these special instruments up. There’s a limited quantity available, so if you want one, you'll have to act fast.

Models in the series

The new series consists of six new models including a lovely short-scale Mustang Bass in Vintage White with a tortoiseshell pickguard. There’s something for left-handed guitarists too with the '70s Tele Custom and a '60s Strat. The most striking model is perhaps the Classic '60s Strat with gold-plated hardware that makes you think of a model played by Stevie Ray Vaughan. There's also a wonderful '50s Tele Special with six saddles and a humbucker in the neck position.

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