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Fender Reveals Paramount Limited Edition Adirondack Models

Fender is expanding their Paramount series with four top-quality limited edition electro-acoustic steel-string guitars. These new PM-1 Dreadnought and PM-3 Triple-O models have a top made of solid Adirondack. After that, there's the choice between solid mahogany or solid rosewood back and sides.


Adirondack spruce is also known as Appalachian spruce or Eastern Red spruce and is found in the east of the United States. Before the Second World War, virtually all American-made steel-string guitars had a top made of Adirondack wood. Eventually, overuse led to it becoming scarcer, so it was used less and less. Now, more than 50 years later, it's back. The lessons of the past have been learned, however, which is why these new Fender Paramount models are available in limited numbers only. A luxury case is included with each model too.

All about the tone

The biggest advantage of using Adirondack is that this type of hardwood is fairly rigid which gives it a bright bass tone. In addition, it tolerates volume extremely well, which means that you can play at high volumes without the sound getting distorted. Whether you choose the rosewood or mahogany version, both add sufficient warmth for a sound that is rich and balanced overall. Thanks to the Fishman OM preamp with integrated tuner, you can plug these electro-acoustic guitars into an amp too.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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