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Fender Reveals Special Edition Acoustic SFX Amp in Walnut Stain

It's not just the incredibly expansive sound of this Fender Acoustic SFX amp that impresses. This special edition has a hand-finished Walnut Stain that makes it as beautiful on the outside as the sound it produces.

For vocals, guitar or both!

The Fender Acoustic SFX has two separate channels and is equipped with two combined XLR/jack inputs. That means you can connect two guitars, one guitar and a mic, or two microphones. If you're a singer/songwriter, this amp is perfect for you. Each channel has its own EQ and built-in effects so that you can tweak your sound to perfection. Want to add delay to your vocals and stereo chorus to your guitar? No problem. As it's a special edition, this wonderful Walnut Stain Acoustic SFX amp is available in a limited quantity only.

Keep an eye on the relevant product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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