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Fender Special Edition Classic Stratocasters in Fresh Cadillac Colours

This summer, Fender goes all out with a series of Special Edition Stratocaster guitars. They're releasing no fewer than six Factory Special Run (FSR) models, based on their Classic '50s and '60s series. Each model features its own unique colour, derived from the distinctive, original Cadillac hues of the fifties and sixties. With these new Strats, Fender has added a nice bit of colour to their assortment. How about expanding your own collection..?

A traditional look and a comfortable feel

The limited edition of the Classic '50s Stratocaster virtually exudes fifties charm. Its tinted maple fretboard gives the Strat a gorgeous retro look, and its artificially aged pickguard, pickup covers and knobs lend an authentic touch to the instrument. The electric guitar's neck has a soft V profile, making sure you can enjoy that old Strat feel. As far as sound is concerned, there's no need to worry either. Equipped with three passive single-coil pickups, this Fender guitar delivers that typical clear Stratocaster output. The Fender Special Edition '50s Stratocaster is available in Jetstream Blue, Rangoon Red and Apple Green.

A versatile instrument

During the 1960s, the Stratocaster shook the music world on its foundations, producing sounds no-one had ever even thought of. Many musicians enthusiastically took to the instrument, taking it to new creative heights. If you're a fan of the traditional Strat sound, look and feel, the Special Edition '60s Stratocaster is the perfect choice. Whether you prefer blues or rock, surf or psychedelic, this Fender will serve you well. Already a legend in its days, its classic status prevails even now. The Fender Special Edition '50s Stratocaster comes in Lilac, Canary Diamond and Cerulean Blue.

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