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Fender Special Run: American Professional Silverburst!

Fender's standard guitar models are already highly-desirable, but for true connoisseurs, Fender's Special Run models offer something different. This time, they've taken three models from the American Professional series and given them a special Silverburst finish and a beautiful ebony fretboard. Now, all you have to do is decide whether you want the Strat, the Tele or the Jazzmaster.

Fender FSR American Professional Silverburst

Rare beasts!

Silverburst is not a finish you normally see on Fender guitars, which makes these models pretty special. You don't often get Fenders with ebony fretboards either, so the combination of both make these rare beasts indeed. Apart from that, you get the same excellent quality that Fender's American Professional series models are renowned for. Each guitar is expertly finished, perfectly adjusted and equipped with high-quality components. We think you'll agree that no matter whether you choose the FSR Stratocaster Silverburst, the FSR Telecaster Deluxe Silverburst or the FSR Jazzmaster Silverburst, you'll be getting a very special electric guitar indeed.

For more information including prices and delivery times, take a look at the relevant product pages!

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