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Fenton AV380BT Karaoke Set for a Super Price!

Have we got a deal for you! With this Fenton karaoke set, you'll be the hit of the Christmas party!

Grab the mic!

This set is comprised of a surprisingly versatile amplifier, two microphones, and two speakers, as well as all the cables you need. The amp is worth some special attention, as it offers various options to playback music. For starters, it has an RCA input for connecting a keyboard, for instance, two inputs for the mics, an SD card slot and a USB port. This means you can put your MP3s on either of these portable storage devices and the AV380BT's built-in MP3 player will do the rest. To top it all off, it also features an FM radio and Bluetooth streaming!

Altogether, you've got 5 different playback options at your disposal: radio, USB, SD, RCA and Bluetooth. Grab the mic and sing all your favourite solo tracks or duets!

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