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Find, Stream and Download Music with the Serato Pulselocker

Together with their latest 1.9 software update, Serato DJ introduces Pulselocker, a music streaming service much like Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, but with the added possibility to download a track and use use it offline. That means you'll have access to over 44 million songs from almost 500 different labels of all sizes! Pulselocker allows you to download any of these songs for use in your sets.

Expansive music library

Pulselocker lets you find your track and lock it down. Serato's streaming service offers music from the Top 40 charts as well as hits from yesteryear. The best thing about it, is that you can also search for tracks in your Serato DJ environment. To find and store songs, you'll need to be connected to the internet, but after that, you can edit them, adjust them, add cues to them, slice them; in short, anything your DJ heart desires! As a Serato DJ user, you can try Pulselocker out for two weeks for free.

The world at your fingertips

After two weeks, you'll know that you can't do without it, and you can sign up for a Pro subscription for just £19.99 per month that will allow you to stream, save and edit music. The Basic subscription costs £9.99 and allows streaming only. For a relatively small amount per month, you gain access to the entire music industry and can legally use any music you like in public for your sets. All you need is a Pulselocker account, which will work on all your devices (but not simultaneously). As mentioned before, you can take the Pulselocker streaming service for a 2-week test drive before receiving a message from Serato DJ to purchase it.

Check out their website for all the details. For more news, sign up for our newsletter!

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