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Fine-Tune your Instrument with Korg!

Korg presents the Pitchblack Mini in white as well as the new TM-50TR in two colours.

Tuning and more

After the overwhelming success of the Korg Pitchblack and the Pitchblack Mini for guitar and bass, the brand has now released the Pitchblack Mini in White! This mini stomp box tuner can do everything its predecessor can, but in a pristine white housing. Korg has taken other instrumentalists into consideration as well with their new TM-50TR. This tuner/metronome is similar to the TM50, but is capable of even more. Besides a high-quality tuning functionality and a comprehensive metronome, the TM-50TR is able to analyse the dynamics, brightness, and stability in every individual note you play. The Korg TM-50TR is an ideal tool to help you elevate your playing to the next level and comes in black and metallic silver.

These products are due to arrive on our shelves around September of this year. For more information, delivery times, and prices, please refer to the relevant product pages.

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