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Fishman Introduces Fluence Signature Series Guitar Pickups

One of the advantages of the innovative Fishman Fluence technology, is the ability to capture more than one sound in one single pickup. For their Fluence Signature Series, Fishman worked together with three leading artists. Their musical imagination has been made a reality in these three innovative and versatile sets of pickups.

One for all, all for one!

Each set of Fluence Signature pickups contains two unique voicings that the artist was looking for. With these pickups, they'll be able to toggle between the two different sounds with a flick of a switch. Artist Devin Townsend does everything from brutal heavy metal to country music. However, this meant he couldn't always use the same gear live as he did in the studio. With the PRF-CSB-DT2 set, however, that is no longer a problem. These humbuckers can do anything from subtle clean to completely over-the-top, offering an extensive palette of timbres.

Musical journey

Greg Koch is one of the more underrated guitar heroes. This eminently technical American truly does it all. With his PRF-TEL-GK1 Gristle-Tone set he'll take you on a musical trip from Nashville to Bakersfield. Using these pickups in your Telecaster, you'll be ready for any genre, from pop to rock and even funk and country music. The set consists of 2 pickups, volume and tone controls and an output jack with a USB connector for the rechargeable battery. Furthermore, you'll also receive a fully assembled control panel with a 3-way pickup switch and a voice selector push button.

Stephen Carpenter

Stephen Carpenter would rather focus on his music than his equipment. However, that does not mean he doesn't know what sound he's looking for, preferring pickups that provide a bright, rich sound. When he tried out a set of Fishman Fluence pickups, he just didn't want to stop playing. For his own Fluence Signature pickups, he boosted the mids in the first voicing, while the second voicing is largely reminiscent of the passive overwound humbuckers he used in the past. This set comes in two versions, one for 7-string guitars and one for 8-string guitars, the Fishman PRF-MS7-SC1 and the PRF-MS8-SC1, respectively.

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